Posted by Randy Perez  on July 13, 2023 at 12:34 pm

    What brings me the most joy in creating can be explained in one word… Storytelling.
    (For those of you who may just follow me on socials (@ydnarshootzrandy) or don’t even know who I am, I’m Randy Perez. ✋🏻 I’m an ex-division 1 athlete turned full-time creative here at SEQL!! I’m the Lead Creative when it comes to editing, filming, photographing, etc… you name it. )

    In this creative space, we have chances to meet, film, shoot (with a camera) & interact with TONS and TONS of people from all over the country. Even the world if you’re lucky enough. & Being able to tell people’s stories, at least for me, is what brings me a lot of joy. A perfect example is this past weekend I had a chance to travel to Houston, Texas to shoot a story-telling piece for Adidas + Alianza Futbol. Basically given 48 total hours to identify, introduce & interact with an athlete and their family. Giving them a rundown of what I am here to do and the story I am here to tell.

    Within that time frame I film, mic up, follow & set up shots to have enough content. Being that I just met this athlete & family, and drop all this information onto them within such a short time it’s easy for people to brush this entire process off. Not giving much mind to the opportunity they have to showcase their child’s story or skill to the world.

    In many instances that doesn’t happen BUT… this family in particular went far & beyond creating that connection or bond. Allowing us access to a private field where they would bring their child from the age of 3 to practice, provide us with food, a backstory of their family, and access to their home. All while setting up all the athlete’s trophies, pictures & medals for us to capture. & all of this without us asking, out of their kind & loving hearts this family just did it. From the moment I introduced myself, they had their arms open welcoming us. Creating a connection that at least for me, hit my heart deep down. Making this opportunity that much more fulfilling & knowing that this a family who NEEDS their story to be shown to the world.

    What brings you the most joy in creating; that right there is what does it for me.

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